Industries Sport Association
Basic 7-A-Side Rules for ISA Competitions

1. At this point, waiting for a confirmation from the MFA, three substitutions are allowed as in the 11-A-Side Competitions.

2. There is no Offside rule since there is only one official and we are playing 7-A-Side football.

3. When the ball hits the rope holding the nets in the middle of the pitch, an outball is awarded.

4. Rules are as per 11-a-Side football, apart from the offside rule.

5. Each match is of 25 minutes each half.

6. In case of Knock-Outs and the final result is a draw, penalties are taken immediately to have a winner.

7. Discipline is done by the MFA and as explained suspensions for misbehaviour and serious offences are valid in all MFA Football played in Malta and Gozo.

8. Each team should have at least one good football, although I would suggest you bring along two.

9. For each match played, the ISA shall have a Match Inspector who will take charge of the MFA Reports to be filled up by each team prior the start of the game.

10. Each team is to fill up this report and hand it to the Match Inspector before the kick off. It is suggested you keep a list of your player’s names, surnames and ID numbers as these have to be written on the MFA Report / Line Up to be given to the Match official at the end of the match.

11. Should the need arise, the Match Inspector can decided not to let any reserves / officials on the pitch side lines to avoid trouble, so at this stage as usual we ask for every team official’s cooperation to avoid such decisions being taken.

12. It is a must that all players wear the appropriate footware and Shin Guards. Match Inspectors / Officials can forbid a player to play if he does not have the necessary gear.

13. Teams should be at the ground at least 15 – 30 minutes prior the kick off time.